• Finally the end to Chafing and Blistering
  • No wax, no silicone, no petroleum, no fragrance
  • Bonds to skin-won’t wash or wear off – won’t stain clothes
  • Forms MicroLayers to support cellular structure of skin
  • Doctor Recommended – Athlete Tested

I do a lot of ultra and trail running and this stuff (ChafeX) has made a huge difference in my running. Blisters used to be a normal expectation after running 30 plus mile races, but now I can go for fifty miles without a single blister. I just signed up for a trail race through the mountains in Colorado, so I decided that I had better stock up for my training.

Jerry Rains, Bartow, FL

I’ve completed 31 marathons in 28 states and I’m on a quest to complete all 50 states. As a result, I’m constantly in training. I’ve used just about every product on the market to help prevent chafing but ChafeX definitely works the best! The only times I’ve gotten chafed are when I somehow missed a spot on my body and didn’t get ChafeX on it! Otherwise, I never get chafed on the areas where I use the product.

Alison Black, Natick, MA

I am a national academy of sports and medicine certified personal trainer and I absolutely swear by your product, ChafeX, and encourage my clients to use it also.

Darren Blancato, Plantsville, CT

ChafeX is A – 1!! I won’t use anything else now, even for short runs. Thank you for coming up with an anti-chafing product that really works!

Linda Banks

Chafex Chafing Cream 

The ultimate anti chafing cream on the market used by top athletes, olympians and marathoners.