ChafeX Anti-Chafing Skin Cream

Breakthrough Science finally ends chafing

What, exactly, is chafed skin?

Simply, it is the abrading of one or more layers of skin. The more layers affected, the more painful and potentially serious chafed skin can become.  Often caused by skin-on-skin rubbing or clothing-on-skin rubbing, it is exacerbated by moisture, including sweat, rain and humidity. Warm or cold temperatures can also play a role. 

Don’t lubricants stop chafing?

Lubricants or “lubes” usually have wax, silicone or petroleum products and can only sit on top of your skin, where they can easily wash or wear off.  The result is chafed skin

How is ChafeX different?

Instead of sitting on top of the skin, ChafeX safely bonds to the skin and the only product we know of that can do that.  It uses molecular structure to accomplish what the skin does with cellular structure. ChafeX has no wax, silicone or petroleum products and is fragrance, gluten and preservative free.

Does ChafeX last longer than lubes?

ChafeX is extremely durable, allowing moisture out but won’t allow it to wick back and weaken skin.  It should not need reapplication during most activities and dries completely to a silky-smooth touch that won’t stain clothes.

Is ChafeX sold in stores?

Not currently.  You can only purchase it at or Amazon