ChafeX is unlike any product that you have ever used. Utilizing innovative chemistry, we developed our exclusive MicroLayer Technology with Layers that Last.
ChafeX forms a durable, yet flexible MicroLayer which reinforces the protective cellular structure of the skin. The result is long lasting avoidance of skin irritations including chafing, blistering, inner thigh abrasion, jog bra lines, waistband and tank top marks.

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Understanding skin issues experienced by athletes:

Perspiration is part of the body’s natural cooling mechanism. However, moisture is often trapped in shoes and socks, under toenails, in clothing, between skin folds or anywhere sweat glands function. Additionally, some exercise activities involve exposure to external moisture sources (think puddles, streams, standing water, rain, snow, etc.). Regardless of the source, this moisture will often super-saturate the skin, weakening it, making it susceptible to chafing, blisters, “hot spots”, calluses, dry skin, fungus, poor appearance, and associated discomforts. Normal daily activities can cause excess moisture buildup. However, it becomes much more pronounced when we exercise, and sweat.

Many products have been introduced to prevent skin damage associated with exercise with uncertain results. Most rely on the old, often-used ingredients such as waxes, silicones, lanolin and/or petroleum products to provide relief. Effectiveness, if experienced, is usually temporary.

Simply Better Laboratories felt that a new dynamic founded on innovative chemistry could provide a single product that would not only work to prevent skin damage experienced by athletes but also when used regularly, help the skin protect the body continuously. After extensive testing and user feedback from athletes, including Marathoners and Ultra Runners, ChafeX is now available through our website,

runner stephanie case

Ultramarathon runner Stephanie Case

How ChafeX works:

Your body is protected by layer after layer of integrated skin tissue (See Skin Diagram below.). As more skin cells form at the lower levels, protective Keratin forms on top layers. These exfoliate daily, renewing your skin. But during exercise, sweat, clothing and friction cause the skin to exfoliate too many layers, too quickly, including protective Keratin. The result is tender skin exposed to chafing, blistering and other skin irritations.

Using innovative chemistry, Simply Better Laboratories created our exclusive MicroLayer Technology that emulates your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism. Our unique Layers that Last formula results in stronger, healthier skin for extended pain free activity.

The unique formulation of ChafeX uses molecular structure to accomplish what the skin does with cellular structure. ChafeX forms many micro-molecular layers on the skin that lets perspiration out, allowing natural body temperature adjustment, but won’t allow it to wick back onto the skin and weaken it. ChafeX is a permeable, flexible film that resists removal by abrasion and perspiration. ChafeX is very durable and should not need re-application during most activities.

Keratin, the hardened outer layer of the skin exfoliates each day taking dead skin cells and skin irritants with it. ChafeX’s outer layer of micro-molecules act like the Keratin. The base layer of the emulsion stays firmly attached to the skin. Only top layers can be washed or worn away, removing irritants and soil. ChafeX is then removed by natural exfoliation of the skin.

ChafeX is a blend of mainly naturally derived products and does not contain any gluten, silicone, waxes, dyes, fragrances or petroleum products.

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