About Simply Better Laboratories

Developers and Formulators of ChafeX

Our Pledge to You

Simply Better Laboratories has only one goal: Develop products that outperform any existing competitive products using innovative chemistry and the newest proven technologies. We have set the bar high so that our customers experience superior results, recognizing that satisfied customers will tell others, and that’s the very best way to grow our business. We will never bring out “me too” products; our products must be…Simply Better. Whenever possible, we utilize all-natural ingredients and we never test on animals. Simply Better Laboratories’ products must be safe and effective for use by our families before we sell them to you and yours. This is our pledge and our commitment. Thanks for purchasing Simply Better Laboratories’ Products, and please let us know if we are meeting this commitment for you. If we are, please tell others about our products. If we are not, please tell us.

Joseph T Sweeney
Simply Better Laboratories

Ken Olson
Vice President
Simply Better Laboratories