Whether you are overweight, have big muscular thighs, or participate in any number of sports, you are wondering how to achieve chafing relief.

Inevitably with extensive movement and exercise, you are bound to experience chafing at some point. It is annoying, painful and can cause some extensive skin issues too like fungus, dermatitis, blisters and calluses. Chafing is no joke and seeking comfort or relief from chafing is very important to continue to live a life of comfort and joy.

Fortunately chafing relief is possible using the following suggestions.

How you can prevent chafing

If you have chafing between your thighs, there are clothes that can offset the friction of skin on skin or prevent moisture from trapping in the clothes. These are called moisture-wicking clothes and recently the invention of these synthetic fibers made from bamboo or polyester blends are very very helpful in this pursuit. If you have been exercising with cotton, stop right now. Though cotton is natural and breathable – it doesn’t fully let your skin perspiration come out fast enough so you will be trapping sweat in your clothes. No bueno.

So take a visit to your local sports store, and grab those nylons, meshes, lycra, and athletic synthetic blends. Get the compression shorts that cover your thigh area.

If you do get very sweaty, get out of those clothes as quickly as you can after a heavy workout.

Powders for chafing relief

When you are out and about, often some regular talcum based powders will help wick moisture.

However, if you are a very active person, this may not be enough.

Skin solutions for chafing relief

If you didn’t know, there are also creams and gels out there that work very well to deal with chafing, especially in areas that are just hard to keep dry like your feet which are in your socks and shoes all day. You can use Vaseline and lanolin based waxes that form a coating but these are usually short-term solutions that don’t last. Products like ChafeX(™) work a bit differently to form a bond with the skin and mimic it’s Keratin protective layer and provide a smooth silky texture to prevent chafing and irritation.

How to treat chafed skin properly

If you already have chafed irritated skin, first of all, you are not alone in this suffering. Many athletes and all sorts of people suffer from it and deal with it every day.

Always keep it clean and dry. Be gentle and don’t rub the skin with harsh fragrance-filled soaps. Then apply something soothing like Vaseline. If the skin is broken and forming raised irritated bumps, calluses or blistering, you should contact your dermatologist and have them treat the area until the irritation is gone before continuing heavy activity that would continue causing friction to that skin area.  

In conclusion, dress appropriately with moisture-wicking clothes, use powders for light activity and gels for heavy use and treat your skin properly to achieve the ultimate chafing relief.