There is no reason to fool around when it comes to dealing with a serious chafing issue, and finding the right anti chafe balm is essential to your life.

Are you suffering from chafing issues?

Chafing can occur nearly anywhere in the body, but mostly the feet, thighs, under arms, and waist areas are the most common areas where chafing occurs for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Chafing is caused by a combination of moisture and rubbing that leads to the skin getting naturally irritated. Generally what is happening is the outer layer of the skin that protects the skin, the Keratin layer – is getting prematurely sloughed off by the combination of moisture and rubbing and leaving the skin exposed and vulnerable. Then further rubbing irritates the skin because there is no protection.

Sometimes pretty serious infections and dermatitis can result from too much chafing and rubbing.

Anti Chafing Solutions

That is why it is important to practice good anti chafing habits to help prevent and even eliminate the problem of chafing. This includes keeping the affected areas clean and dry, wearing moisture wicking clothes, and wearing an effective anti chafe balm.

But which anti chafe balm is the best to use? Are they all the same or is one a good deal better than the others? It’s worth knowing how you can get the best results isn’t it?

Anti chafe balm

There are several anti chafe creams and balms on the market currently, but they don’t all work the same. You will read lots of articles that tell you to use Vaseline or some type of powder, but this isn’t actually the best type of product that is out there for chafing believe it or not. These same articles will recommend wearing cotton at all times and that is also not always the best recommendation because cotton retains moisture on the skin. That is why it is important to do your research and truly find what is working to solve the issue.

For instance did you know there is an anti chafe balm that basically imitates the natural protective layer of the skin for a long lasting relief? It is true.

Simply Better Laboratories, the makers of this product which is appropriately called ChafeX, have developed a unique chemical process that produces a MicroLayer Technology that mimics your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism.

The outer layer of micro-molecules on the product act like the Keratin. Keratin is the protective layer of skin that gets prematurely exfoliated when rubbed too much. ChafeX therefore provides that extra support because it is not easily rubbed off like your skin is. And the nice thing is that ChafeX is a naturally derived product containing no gluten, silicone, waxes, dyes, fragrances or petroleum products.

Other anti-friction products and gels are out there like Lanacane, but ChafeX provides much longer-lasting relief because it cannot be washed off – it is exfoliated naturally just like your skin. This is a breakthrough for athletes who suffer from chronic chafing issues and spend their lives buying powder by the bulk. All the other products on the market work for limited temporary amounts of time, but ChafeX is meant to last even the entire day when used according to directions.

Check out the anti chafe balm that beats the competition by visiting ChafeX’s website and learning more about this innovative anti chafing solution.