If you are a workout warrior, a fitness enthusiast or even a professional athlete, you know about chafing. Chafing is a literal pain that can force people to stop working out! For years, athletes have tried all sorts of solutions to help alleviate the suffering caused by painful chafed skin.

Chafing and Blisters

Chafing or chafed skin is irritated and even blistered skin caused by the moisture and friction generated while working out or moving around. Most common areas of chafing are the feet, inner thighs and waist area. If you thought you were alone having sports bra chafing, think again. Female athletes suffer bra chafing all the time. Chafing is a serious issue among all types of fitness folks.

But being in shape does not have to come with this kind of pain and suffering. In addition to sore muscles, or risk of potential joint injuries, the last thing you need is skin problems.

Fortunately there are very effective ways to avoid skin chafing.

How to prevent skin chafing

Moisture wicking athletic material has been a true revolution in the workout field. These polyester blend nylons, rayons and viscose material do not allow moisture to fester on the skin. This is one area that helps improve the ability for skin to recover quickly from sweat irritation or avoid irritation entirely.

This material can be useful as shorts, under your clothes or as the clothes themselves. Still elastic bands along the waist and under the chest can be especially irritating.

Athletes have also used balms and glide-ons to help prevent skin chafing. These are often made of materials that coat the skin in some way.

People have also tried using oils like olive, coconut and almond to coat the skin as well as applying powders on top of the skin, waxes, silicone and lubricants.

Though these solutions can provide temporary relief, there is an anti chafing cream on the market now that boasts the ability to provide long-lasting relief and help prevent chafing called ChafeX(™).

Simply Better Labs has developed what it calls a MicroLayer Technology formula that claims to imitate the skin’s keratin layer – the protective upper layers of the skin. This is the part of the skin that gets sloughed off or most irritated by the process of chafing. in irritations.

How ChafeX is applied on the skin and works to protect the skin

To use ChafeX to maximum effect, you work it into all applicable skin areas for 1 to 2 minutes. In this period it is supposed to feel slightly sticky or tacky which means it’s forming a bond on your skin. Then wait about 2-3 minutes before exercising. You’ll notice it becomes smooth and almost silky. The ChafeX team recommends applying it every single time you workout and on off days as well. The product works through regular use to be most effective. Unlike other anti chafing creams, ChafeX actually lasts for a whole workout or throughout the day. The way it feels is much different than other creams as well. It actually mimics the skin so it feels more natural and easy.

Anti chafing cream can be your weapon to solve your chafing woes

Thankfully, now you know that there are solutions to the pain and suffering you have experienced from chafing, feel free to try these options out including the innovative anti chafing cream solution ChafeX. Most often chafing can be prevented and avoided and you can enjoy your life or workouts once again.