Your life is going great and you are an active healthy productive person and feeling pretty good these days. That’s great. Only thing is, you notice when you are working out, you are getting that pesky irritation between your thighs. No biggie – you’re sure it will go away. Or will it? Or will it get worse? Oh no, it has gotten worse. And to add to that, it really is starting to hurt when you work out. Not good. Fortunately there is an anti chafing cream for thighs and other areas that you need to look into right away before things get out of hand and you are afraid to wear shorts or walk around in your underwear.

First of all, don’t be embarrassed – thigh chafing may be one of the most common things people have to deal with, even people who are not athletic or that active. Just walking around can be painful. The area between the thighs can often be a very soft sensitive tender area of your body. The skin is a bit thinner and it is normally pretty soft.

This area deserves protection! It deserves to retain its softness and not have any rashes. Did you know you can prevent this thigh irritation?

What is causing my thigh chafing?

Your thighs may not necessarily be bulky, fat, or over-muscular but they might touch when you walk. Even just the slightest touch is enough to cause an issue. Also this is an area that holds more perspiration. This moisture plus rubbing – results in guess? Chafing! It’s no fun and fortunately you can rid yourself of the issue. No not by liposuction or reducing muscle, but by wearing the proper clothes and using a high quality anti chafing product.

Anti chafing cream for thighs

The product we recommend most for anti chafing for thighs is an anti chafing cream for thighs called ChafeX. Developed by Simply Better Laboratories, it uses something they call a  MicroLayer Technology that mimics your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism.

The way ChafeX works is the outer layer of micro-molecules act like the Keratin. The base layer of the emulsion stays firmly attached to the skin. This initially feels tacky when applied but within seconds smooths out. ChafeX is not easily removed by washing, rubbing or sweating, but rather is removed by natural exfoliation of the skin, just like your skin. It enhances the protective layer of your skin providing extra support. Sound interesting? To add to that, ChafeX is a naturally derived product containing no gluten, silicone, waxes, dyes, fragrances or petroleum products.

Other anti chafing remedies for the thighs to keep in mind

Avoid jeans and cottons that rub too much during the day. Instead opt for athletic wear. Yes, your instinct to wear the yoga pants is a good one, but make sure it has the material that wicks moisture like running pants. I used to wear the juicy couture running outfits but they weren’t great for the chafing issue. Simply go to a sports store, and pick up some helpful pants and shorts that cover the thighs for working out. For work, if you wear a skirt, make sure to apply ChafeX or if you wear pants, use pants that have the moisture wicking material.

In conclusion

If you have a chafing issue happening with your thighs, it’s time to consider an anti chafing cream for thighs like ChafeX or apply powders on a constant basis. But remember to practice chafing prevention by wearing proper athletic quality material that forces moisture away from your body. Change often and stay clean and dry as much as you can.

Pretty soon your chafing woes will be gone and you can continue being the fabulous you that you are, chafe-free!