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Let's Face It: Chafing Sucks!

Athletes get chafed skin. On the inner-thigh, the nipple area, around the shoulders, the groin area and on the bands of sports bras. Chafed skin is painful and can cause the end to an event and sideline you for weeks. And when you get in the shower ...OUCH

Chafex is breakthrough science;
here's why:

• Most products sit on top of your skin where they wash or wear off easily
• ChafeX is the only product that we know of the safely bonds to your skin
• ChafeX uses molecular structure to accomplish what the skin does with cellualr structure
• ChafeX contains no wax, silicone or petroleum and is fragrance, gluten and preservative free
• ChafeX is extremely durable. Athletes report not needing to reapply during long events

Two Easy Ways to End Painful

Make sure you have proper fitting clothing.
Poorly fitted clothing is a major cause of chafed skin

OK, you knew this was coming..
Use ChafeX Anti Chafing Skin Cream

Where do you get it?

Aha! Thought you'd never ask. It's not currently in stores, so you can only purchase it at

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Chafex Chafing Cream - a top rated Anti Chafing Cream

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Anti Chafing Cream for top athletes.

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