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Chafex | The Runners Chafing Cream

Used by Olympians, Ultras and Marathoners

•  Body chafing
•  Runners rash
•  Blisters
•  Bra burn
•  Nipple bleed
•  No painful showers…guaranteed

Every product claims to prevent chafing and blistering, but…you still get chafed or blistered. That’s because just about all of them have waxes, silicone or petroleum products as their main ingredients which merely moisturize or lubricate the skin, then wash or wear off easily. We decided to solve the problem once and for all, without these same old ingredients. We worked with serious athletes, Ultras and Marathoners, to develop, test and find the solution. We knew this community push themselves to the absolute limit and needed help over many different areas of their body. If we could solve their sports-related skin irritations, we really would have a truly revolutionary product. After 18 months of R&D and testing, we developed a major break-through called ChafeX, and yes, it really works. It’s not a lube; it is completely new proprietary formula that actually links up with your skin to form MicroLayers, a semi-permeable membrane that allows you to avoid chafing and blistering for the duration of your event. You’ll feel the difference immediately as you first apply this unique formula. Ultras, Marathoners, Bikers, Hikers and yes, even the weekend warriors that have discovered ChafeX all agree: this product absolutely dominates over the other products on the market, creating an armor-like defense against friction and moisture. Application is easy, but a little different than other creams. Simply apply 5-10 minutes prior to exercise to all abrasion and moisture prone areas. Rub in for about 30 seconds until it feels stiff or tacky, which is temporary and demonstrates the link-up to the skin. Allow 2-3 minutes of dry time and your skin will feel silky smooth, and then wear your normal, well-fitting workout gear. We're sure you will be absolutely amazed.

Why ChafeX is NOT another lube…
it is truly New Science

Your body is protected by layer after layer of integrated skin tissue. As more skin forms at the lower layers, protective Keratin forms on top layers. These exfoliate daily, renewing your skin. But during exercise, sweat, external moisture sources, clothing and friction cause the skin to exfoliate too many layers, too quickly, including protective Keratin. The result is tender skin exposed to chafing, blistering and other skin irritations. Using innovative chemistry, Simply Better Laboratories created ChafeX, our exclusive MicroLayer Technology that emulates your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism. ChafeX uses molecular structure to accomplish what the skin does with cellular structure. Our unique Layers that Last formula means extended, pain-free activity and that includes no more painful showers.

We developed ChafeX by testing on serious athletes for 18 months.
Here's what athletes are saying about this unique formula:

Stephanie Case

Ms. Case is a United Nations attorney living in Geneva. She runs Ultras all over the world and started a charity to help women in war-impacted countries via running. She finished 4th among women in the Tor des Geants, arguably one of the most difficult ultras in the world.

"I am an ultrarunner with very chafe-able skin. It's always been a huge issue for me in competitions. I was competing in the Tor des Geants in 2015, a 330 km non-stop race with 24,000 meters of climb in Italy and it rained pretty much non-stop, which of course took a toll on my body and I was in a dire state. A fellow cometitor and American adventure racer, Mark Lattanzi, gave me some ChafeX at a life base (checkpoint) and I white-knuckled the tube for the next 100 km. It literally saved my butt -haha. It really is the best product I have found. Thanks for making a great product"

Dr. Fred H. Brennan Jr, DO

FAOASM, FAAFP, FACSM; Assistant Director University of South Florida/Baycare Sports Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Brennan also staffs medical tents at events to assist athletes, including Boston Marathon and Ironman in Hawaii.

I recall watching my first Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 1997. I was amazed at the awesomeness of the event and the incredible caliber of the competing athletes. I recall speaking to one of the athletes the next day. He was clearly hobbling around the hotel lobby. I said to him, “You must be incredibly sore after doing that grueling race yesterday?” He replied, “Honestly, I am not that sore but these blisters on my feet are killing me!”

To think that what bothered this world class athlete the most were the foot blisters he developed and not the intense muscle soreness after 140.2 kilometers of racing. It was that moment that intrigued me and sparked my interest in foot friction blisters, their impact on performance, and their prevention.

I have been working with high school athletes, college athletes, and endurance athletes of all levels for the past 21 years. As a college team physician and a consultant for several high profile endurance events I am always looking for products that will prevent injury and/or enhance recovery. Two years ago I was introduced to ChafeX by a close friend who simply asked me to try the product and give some unbiased feedback. Personally I have never had a problem with friction blisters. However I had issues with “jogger’s nipples” on my long runs typically over 10 miles, causing intense pain and burning especially in the shower post work out. After several applications I found ChafeX to be reliably protective against this problem that plagued me. Now, I will never go on a long run without first applying ChafeX.

Since I personally found such success with ChafeX I started to give the product out to high school and college runners to solicit their comments in hopes that they would find ChafeX equally effective at preventing foot friction blisters. The feedback has universally been positive. Many of these athletes have completely abandoned their previous blister prevention strategies, excluding any change in sock systems, and switched to ChafeX. My triathletes have also found ChafeX to be protective against various chafing problems to include the annoying friction rub of the wet-suit against their neck during the swim.

Having served 25 years as a military officer and physician I hope to introduce ChafeX to this population who is known to have a high incidence of foot blisters in both training and on the battlefield. I feel that ChafeX with or without other prevention strategies will result in a drastic reduction in foot friction blisters in our warrior-athletes as well as endurance athletes of all abilities.