What is chafing cream? How do I use it?

What is chafing cream? How do I use it?

Contrary to popular belief, chafing during heavy workouts is a serious issue for fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes, and can be easily prevented with a chafing cream. Chafing is the often painful effect caused by moisture and friction on the skin. It can lead to some pretty serious skin blisters and raw painful red rashes. Babies experience this type of irritation as diaper rash due to the same culprits – moisture plus friction. Chafing is no joke, and serious physical fitness experts know it.

What areas can have serious chafing?

Chafing can occur most typically on inner thighs, feet, female bra lines, waistline, underarms and hands when it comes to weight lifting or bar workouts. You know when you experience chafing when you feel particularly uncomfortable as you are working out in those areas of your body. Though well-fitting clothes that wick moisture better may help some, it does not always solve the problem.

That’s where chafing cream comes in. Chafing cream – also referred to as anti-chafing cream, can be very helpful in combatting chafing entirely and some brands may work better for some than others, depending on the ingredients and how the cream works.

Basically most chafing creams work by providing a protective layer on the skin that serves as a moisture barrier. These creams can have ingredients like petroleum, lanolin, beeswax and other such protective coating types of ingredients that help perform this ‘barrier’ function. The way you use it is to apply a generous layer over the skin and then put your clothes on over that. These creams can also be effective if after the cream a powder is applied. This is a very popular combination that helps many athletes provide a true moisture barrier.

The problem with many of these types of creams, however, is that this treatment can only work temporarily since the creams lay over the skin and can easily be eventually rubbed off through friction and sweat.

The market currently has more innovative creams that work to imitate the keratin protective layer of the skin – which is the layer that often gets irritated and worn off during exercise, exposing the skin to blistering and irritation. These types of creams can have long-lasting effects.

How do you use chafing cream to work best?

To apply chafing cream to its best potential, apply the cream generously on the parts of your body that chafe the most, such as feet, inner thighs and underarms. After that, you can even apply another layer for good measure. Then wait about 15 minutes and put on your workout clothes. You’re done. The key also is to apply on clean dry skin. During workouts you can reapply, but it’s always best to apply a cream on a clean dry area of the skin.

How to find the best chafing cream for your skin

It is best to search for a chafing cream that is proven to provide great protection for your skin and work over a sustained period of working out. Check out reviews and testimonials and make sure your cream is truly effective. It can make the difference in having a worry-free workout or suffering to the point that you have to stop working out entirely. Therefore, it is worth finding a great product that does the job for you.

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