Athletes are always seeking the perfect chafing cure. Not enough can be said about the fact that chafing can really be a serious problem for active people. Pretty serious skin irritations can occur from prolonging chafing issues in your life.

Traditionally, the go-to cures for chafing in the sports industry have been to use copious amounts of powder, vaseline, and other petroleum based products.

Recent advancements in chafing prevention

More recently, the industry has seen a changeover from regularly using cottons in athletic wear to polyesters and now to more moisture wicking rayons and athletic mesh blends. These materials go a long long way to help prevent skin rubbing on clothes or skin to skin rubbing.

No matter how you look at it, when sweat mixes with rubbing on the skin, it is a bad combination and for those with particularly sensitive skin this gets quite painful and irritating. No one wants to deal with that. After you remove your clothes and take a shower, you want to be clean, fresh and skin-clear without having to worry about skin welts, rashes and blisters.

Another recent advancement in skin chafing comes in the form of the skincare products used by athletes to prevent chafing.

A new innovative chafing cure

There is a product that has just come to market that is different from the other products both in material and the function of the product. This is called ChafeX. Your body consists of many layers of integrated skin tissue and as more skin cells form at the lower levels, protective Keratin forms on top layers. The very top layer sheds daily leaving the newer skin underneath. However when you exercise and sweat, clothing and friction cause the skin to exfoliate too many layers, too quickly, including protective Keratin. This leads to having tender skin which is vulnerable to chafing, blistering and other skin irritations.

Simply Better Laboratories, the makers of ChafeX, have created a MicroLayer Technology that emulates your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism.

So the way it works is that ChafeX’s outer layer of micro-molecules act like the Keratin. The base layer of the emulsion stays firmly attached to the skin. This initially feels tacky when applied but soon smooths out. ChafeX is not easily removed by washing, rubbing or sweating, but rather is removed by natural exfoliation of the skin, just like your skin. So essentially it’s reinforcing the protective layer of your skin providing extra support.

ChafeX is naturally-derived

The interesting thing too is ChafeX is a naturally derived product containing no gluten, silicone, waxes, dyes, fragrances or petroleum products.

This may be the chafing cure you need in your life – the ultimate secret weapon that gives you the edge over your athletic competitors and helps you beat out the irritation. Especially for women who suffer from bra and waist issues with their clothes, it is incredibly helpful where clothes don’t do the trick. Imagine running or going an entire work day without feeling that irritation you have become so accustomed to.