You have had an amazing workout or a tough day at work but the downside is you are having chafing issues and wondering if there is a great chafing remedy. Fortunately there are several products on the market that help chafing a lot and one that even stands out above the rest.

What is chafing

You will recognize chafing as any type of skin irritation that is caused by rubbing clothes, skin to skin, or sweating too much. Athletes suffer chafing quite a bit. There is nothing nice or pleasant about chafing. “I love when I chafe!” said no person ever. So it is worth looking into what you can do about it, and there are things you can do to virtually eliminate the problem.

Did you know some athletes suffer chafing so badly, they even decide to quit their sport or activity? There is no need for things to get this far. If you know the proper things to do to deal with your chafing issues you can essentially keep the problem away from your life.

Athletes are not the only ones who suffer from chafing problems. If you are particularly muscular or overweight, you may have thigh to thigh or underarm chafing. If you are a woman, you may experience chafing on your bra elastic or your waistline elastic with your clothes.

These types of chafing can really get quite painful and it is time for you to do something about it.

These are the types of remedies that truly work when it comes to chafing.

Chafing remedy number 1

You need to give some thought to your clothes. For thigh chafing, longer pants or shorts that cover the thigh area that rubs and is made of moisture wicking material is essential. What is moisture wicking? It means the clothes don’t allow moisture to just stay and fester on your skin. Instead it pulls it away from your skin. It repels moisture. Cotton, though nice and natural, will not wick moisture – it will keep moisture on your skin. Therefore, cotton especially for pants is not the best way to go. Any sports store will have these moisture wicking types of materials for workout pants – materials made of polyester rayon blends that take care of the moisture issue.

Take advantage of this and change your clothes to make sure you can avoid this issue. Same with bras – for ladies you may need a bra that is made of moisture wicking material – instead of a cotton blend and fits well – not too tight. Bras that don’t have the scratchy elastic but rather are covered are better too. Same with waistlines – stay away from elastic exposed waistlines.

Chafing remedy number 2

Powders like talcum based powder or vaseline are also known to be effective to help with keeping perspiration at bay and keeping skin from rubbing directly on skin or clothes. Since chafing is essential moisture plus rubbing – it is the way to disrupt this equation.

Another thing you can do is try both a balm based solution plus a powder on top. This creates something of a smooth moisture barrier that is dry and helps temporarily provide that prevention of chafing.

Chafing remedy number 3

New products are always coming to market to support these issues and help athletes too. The makers of ChafeX have come up with a product that uses chemistry to form a “durable, yet flexible MicroLayer which reinforces the protective cellular structure of the skin.” Unlike other chafing products, it mimics the skin’s outer protective Keratin layers. They claim this provides much longer lasting relief than the more traditional products on the market.

However, if you are inclined, you can still visit your local drugstore and pick up the vaselines, powders and traditional creams that are offered there. If you are serious about a solid chafing remedy that lasts, you may consider looking into ChafeX.

In conclusion, don’t go for an extended period of time suffering chafing issues without looking into a decent chafing remedy. You will not be sorry to cure your skin irritation and prevent future irritation.