Instruction for Proper Application

Proper application of ChafeX is essential to avoiding chafing, blisters and other skin irritations. ChafeX must be applied in sufficient quantity to insure complete coverage of the skin area prone to insult. Overlapping the skin area during application is ideal to prevent missed areas.
Read the instructions below, and see the application video for more information.

Your body is protected by layer after layer of integrated skin tissue. As more skin cells form at the lower levels, protective Keratin forms on top layers. These exfoliate daily, renewing your skin. But during exercise, sweat, external moisture sources, clothing and friction cause the skin to exfoliate too many layers, too quickly, including protective Keratin. The result is tender skin exposed to chafing, blistering and other skin irritations.

Using innovative chemistry, Simply Better Laboratories created ChafeX, our exclusive MicroLayer Technology that emulates your skin, supporting its natural protection mechanism. Our unique Layers that Last formula results in stronger, healthier skin for extended pain free activity.

ChafeX is a blend of mostly naturally derived products and does not contain any gluten, silicone, waxes, dyes, fragrance or petroleum.