When it comes to solving your chafing issues, there are two products on the market that work great: Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel and ChafeX Chafing Cream. Here we review the two products and discuss the features and pros and cons of each product and how to use them for maximum effect. Which works better for your needs? Read on.

About Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel

Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel has been on the market for a while. It is a non-oily, non-staining, hypoallergenic product that is popular for use as an anti-chafing agent. When applied, it will dry on contact. It has no fragrance and also claims to be moisture proof.

When you have a painful skin problem or irritation caused by the burn of chafing, a product like Lanacane is useful to help combat the chafing and therefore over time experience less and less irritation. It will prevent the skin from becoming increasingly sore over prolonged periods of friction and chafing. This can happen when exercising or just walking around.  When the skin becomes raw, it is vulnerable to all kinds of problems which we hope to prevent and avoid by using light moisture-wicking clothes and anti-chafing gels.

Lanacane can last the whole day by changing the texture of your vulnerable skin areas to a silky smooth texture that reduces friction from rubbing against clothes or skin to skin.

About ChafeX

ChafeX is yet another anti-chafing product on the market that also provides a silky barrier on the skin that prevents chafing and can completely eradicate it over time. Areas that may have experienced years of rubbing raw redness and irritation can allow themselves to completely heal with ChafeX.

The way ChafeX is a bit different is that it reinforces the protective cellular structure of the skin. By boosting your own skin’s protective properties, it boasts a unique position in the market to prevent the painful blistering and irritations caused by chafing. Also it is long-lasting.

While Lanacane users claim the effects of the Lanacane wear off quickly – even in minutes, the way ChafeX works is that it has a bonding property that when initially applied feels tacky or sticky and this indicates it is bonding to the skin and soon it becomes silky and this texture remains for a much longer time.

ChafeX’s chemists at Simply Better Laboratories felt that some innovative chemistry could help make a product that not only prevents single use chafing but over continued use absolutely prevents the skin from getting chafed. To this effect, the makers have employed extensive testing with people with various skin types and athletes to help create this product until it was ready for market.

When your sweat gets trapped in your clothes (most unavoidably in your shoes and socks), it will saturate the skin, make it weaker, and vulnerable to the friction and chafing. From there you can get calluses, blisters, fungus and all sorts of annoying and even painful skin issues. Some athletes even end up stopping their sport due to these issues! However, even non-athletes can experience chafing from just regular activity and walking.

Our bodies have many layers of protective skin – and the very top layer gets shed daily which renews the skin. However, with heavy activity and movement – you can slough off too many layers too quickly. As you can imagine, this includes the protection you need to prevent the irritations. No fun.

The chemistry of ChafeX works to use the molecular structure of your skin’s protective uppermost layer and mimic its effects – forming many layers however the ChafeX actually lets the sweat and moisture out, rather than fully covering it. This flexible “film” resists getting rubbed off too – by clothes or activity. ChafeX gets removed from the skin by its normal exfoliation process – and not by washing or rubbing it off. The interesting part of all this as well, is that most of the ingredients in ChafeX are naturally-derived and it contains no gluten, solicone, waxes, dyes, fragrances or petroleum.